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Tales of the Big Bang Show

Love the show, talk about the show and but the T-Shirts

The Big Bang Theory - We Love The Geeks and Penny
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Fans of The Big Bang Theory Television Show
This community is about the television called The Big Bang Theory. Its a show about several geeky wonders who live in the same apartment complex with a girl named Penny. The guys are great and Penny is sweet. The jokes are scientific and the delivery is priceless. Where else can you see someone but a time machine model for their house and find its really a full sized mock up? Where else can you find out about spherical chickens in a vacuum? Where else can you find the rules for rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

I love the show and I want to talk about the show.

1. Be Polite.
2. No Adult Content (ie. porn about the characters)